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On our recent trip to the North Fork of Long Island, we found ourselves just a few miles fom the largest lavender farm on the east coast, Lavender By the Bay.  We hoped on our bikes and headed to East Marion, NY.  The day we visited was the last day before the harvest.  We had a chance to meet the owners, hear their story, and see what 17 acres and 60,000 lavender plants look and smell like!  

The lavender just before the harvest

This is French Lavender in July just before the bloom.  

the lavender is cut, tied in bunches, then carried out of the fields wrapped in burlap.
Fresh cut bunches ready to dry
French Lavender

In addition to Lavender,  Lavender by the Bay has bee hives in the lavender fields!  This is pure honey made by bees who have collected exclusively in the lavender fields.  Salty Dog Lemon Lavender Calming treats are now made with Lavender honey! 

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